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Reply to "K-Line RPO Interior Upgrade"

scale rail posted:

When I did a video for the Golden Gate Railroad Museum they had just finished their RPO. They got some of the old timers that worked in these cars. They called the little boxes that the mail was sorted in, pigeon holes. Here a few shots of their car. Donc-up5901alettercase_10ipouchrack_21i

Hi Don,

Luckily, Golden Gate Railway Museum has saved the 5901 RPO and posted color photos online because all the other UP photos of this set of cars I found were in black & white.  A.C.F. made 3 sister cars (5900, 5901 & 5902) that match this exact floor plan and you are correct.  Out of that group of 3 cars only the 5901 has its original RPO interior intact today. 

According to here’s the current status of those 3 Union Pacific RPO cars:

  1. UP 5900 was renumbered to UP 903682 in 1973; stored at Seymour, Nebraska; moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, as on-ground storage shed.
  2. UP 5901 was renumbered to UP 903683 in 1973; sold to private individual; moved for preservation to Golden Gate Railroad Museum, San Francisco, California.
  3. UP 5902 was renumbered to UP 903684 in 1973; sold to Ringling Bros., in 1989, used as parts source; traded to MARC (Maryland Railroad Commuter) for parts in May 1992; refurbished and painted as MARC 199, located at Camden Yards, used as on-track storage.

UP 5902 now being used for on track storage


Images (1)
  • UP 5902 as track on-track storage for MARC
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