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Kitbashing K-line baggage car 9-2-20 update

IMG_20200726_140728After lots of research on the web especially train forums, I am attempting a modest modification of a K-line scale PRR baggage car to resemble the PRR B70 baggage depicted in tracing number E9599 of the prr.railfan website. The drawing shows all 4 doors to be the same dimensions and located in almost same relative place on the actual car. As you all know, each side of the  K car has a small door and a large door. Based on the railfan drawing, and my measurements, the small K-line door openings appear to be accurate in dimension (scale 1 3/8 inches wide) and same relative placement (outside edges of the openings are 4 inches from car end). The small openings and doors will not be modified.

The large door openings on the K car are 2 inches wide. The outside edges of both large door openings are also 4 inches from the car end. So, my plan is to insert a 5/8 inch wide piece (Insert) of styrene plastic against the interior door edge and doctor the large doors framing to resemble the smaller doors. 

Forseeable problems:

Rivets: On the car siding along the edges of the existing door openings there are rivets. And, there are lateral rivets to be extended on the Insert. Don't know how I will handle that yet. Will have to research that. 

Insert: How to hide the inevitable seem where the Insert and the existing opening edges meet. 

Paint: Would like to get a matching touch up paint color as close I can to avoid repainting the entire car.

RR name centering: The resulting door symmetry causes "Pennsylvania" to be off center. Don't think it's too far off if I squint. Depends on whether touch up painting does not work and I have to repaint entire car

Here's a pic of project status. Advice and tips are welcome!

Edit: The door Insert in the photo is a trial piece.


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