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Reply to "Kitbashing K-line baggage car 9-2-20 update"

I found a craft acrylic color paint at Hoby lobby to try, antique marroon. The car has a pattern of rivets on the sides. I wanted to maintain the consistencey. After a few failed experiments, I decided to rummage through my work bench and saw some velcro. I cut slivers and stuck them on the pieces I added to shorten then the large door width. Not great but on my layout it's fine. So, now I have a representation of a 70 foot PRR baggage car. The styrene pieces that I added work OK I guess but are too obvious because of the color variation. Maybe I will try to find a compatable chalk. This project was too tedious for me. I have a lot of respect for the real accomplished kitbashers. FWIW, here are some pics. I am posting both side views.




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