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Reply to "Kitbashing K-line baggage car 9-2-20 update"


The top photo is obviously an RPO but I'm posting it because its the same as the stock baggage car except for the windows and some lettering to compare the before after and obvious different colors, K-line PRR vs. flat Rusto red primer . The second photo is my kitbash to something like a PRR B70. The third is my bash w/o flash. The fourth is a Weaver B60 to compare colors. I have to touch up here and there. Letting the paint cure over night before I assemble everything and see how it looks with the other cars. I will eventually get some decals after I research for the correct display for this car.  


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  • IMG_20200811_135928
  • IMG_20200811_140228
  • IMG_20200811_135908
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