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Reply to "Kline Allegheny Missing A Wheelset--1/58th Scale??"

Mitch and GRJ, thanks for considering this uh....problem. The wheelset is of course 0 gauge. I guess I am concerned about matching up the diameter (sans flange) and the axle ends. The doggone thing is basically decorative--I just need to fill the hole in the trailing truck!

Here's a pic of the offender. Measuring the wheel diameter (not incl. flange), it looks like either 9/16 or 19/32 of an inch. I could not get one of the others off to check the axle ends (I didn't want to force it--my luck might still be running the same direction with thios engine!). But I assume the axle ends are flat and not needle-pointed.

Any help from your junk box will be appreciated and remunerated in accordance with whatever "ransomwheel" arrangement suits your wallet.

Many thanks! (replying to gunrunnerjohn and M. Mitchell Marmel on OGR Forum)




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