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Reply to "Lack of MTH and Lionel Spined 48' Husky Stack Freight Cars"

@A. Wells posted:

@Jeff78rr , @72blackbird - Well, I started work on a beat-up BN Husky Stack last night.  I knew it was going way to smoothly in process.  Then, that's when I discovered the very sad reality that the height of the well car is not remotely true to scale.  It IS the correct height from the ground.  My guess is they did this in case you wanted to convert it to 2 rail.  This prevents me from lowering the car and, at the same time, adding the appropriate coupler area.  (I think I've become emotionally disturbed from this fact!)

Jeff - I have a K-Line Thrall 40' car on the way.  I wanted to buy one of the two car sets but the price gauging on them is beyond belief.  I did get my Walthers rebuilt Thrall 40' car set.  The detail on them is absolutely incredible!  Perhaps it's time for me to start making my own O SCALE tooling.

The one good thing that came out of this endeavor is I built out the function necessary to generate the cat walks for the Gunderson well cars in my CAD software.


Hi Anthony,

I converted 4 of my Lionel Husky stacks to 2 rail a few years ago- they ran fine, but after realizing they were obsolete and essentially no longer existed, I decided to sell my collection of LHSs off. I had to shim the area where I mounted the box for the coupler, and only used one screw to mount the box. I converted the last two back to 3-rail last night, as the new owners want cars that can run on Fastrack.


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