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Reply to "larger curves and longer straight a ways"

Access to the trains is a big one for me.....if the trains are "work" to change out.....then I tend to run less varieties of engines and rolling stock.......I am getting a 22x30 attic room next spring. I have 3 doors that I will need to deal with (which would make around the room tough, anyway). However, what I really want is the wall to have multiple shelves to display  the trains and give me easy access to them. 

Here are a few tentative plans (you will easily see that I get a lot of great ideas from reading the threads of Ken OScale....)


All feature wide curves and leave room to get around on all sides (this is a 30x20 ft space, so I have 2 more feet on the bottom of all the plans to widen the lower aisle).

My desk  and computer will also be up there is the lower L corner.

I have a long time to plan.....what I am doing is sitting on the plans and thinking them through....the last one, with the Y, is my favorite (the Y is an idea from oner of Ken's recent and wonderful plans).

The large L's use a Mianne lift bridge to get in the center.

The shaded area (on the 3rd one) is a proposed rolling city scene



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