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LC+ 2.0 big boy overhang o31

So I have seen many posts that talk about Big Boy overhang but nothing that I found answers my question. I just ordered a new Big Boy LC+ 2.0 #4000 Greyhound. I am very excited since I have always wanted a big boy. I came across one on Nicholas Smith Trains.

I have o31 track that runs around a hobby room floor. Some areas are going along baseboards that are quarter turns with straights and one half circle with an exiting S turn.

I'm wondering what the over hang is if anyone is running one of these on o31.

I know they look ridiculous from what I've read and seen but I'm fine with that as I have alot of straight areas to enjoy.

Basically, I'm tying to get an idea of how far I need to have my track away from the baseboards of the walls to accommodate the overhang.

Again, I am not concerned with how it looks.



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