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LCRX led light problem

I have a Lionel LCRX installed in a K-line MP-15 dummy and would like to use LED lights. I use Christmas light LED's with a 1K ohm resistor on my other engines but this set up does not work with the LCRX. The LED's with work if I add a 18v light.
So I installed a 680 ohm resistor between the (+) and (-) wires before the 1K resistor and on the (+) wire before the 680 ohm resistor I added a 1001N1 rectifier diode. The will work from track voltage of 18v. but not with the LCRX.

The LCRX puts out approx 10volts to the headlight and the 18v light has a resistance of 12.2 ohms.


Do I need to put the 680 ohm resistor after the 1K resistor? Do I need a 12 (+) ohm resistor and not the 680 ohm.


(+) -1001N1->-----1K ohm-----

                     |                  |         

                680 ohm           LED

                     |                  |











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