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Reply to "LCS PDI Joiner Needed"

Yes. They are small, three in package.

White ends are for the PDI cables, and black end is for the 12V DC power imput. Looks like no instructions.

Still looking for 12V DC power supply and  researching recommended max amperage.  If anybody has suggestions on what power supply they are using, information description helpful. Suggestion on wether to go with regulated power supply  to 12 volts, or separate power supply and regulator to obtain the needed 12 volt DC.


Received mine today, photos are below.131A9949-AB48-4649-BA91-2130C3761747537D26D0-F31D-479D-92D8-D856B054765A06EA6015-1788-445C-99CB-E17A1F25D77B


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  • 131A9949-AB48-4649-BA91-2130C3761747
  • 537D26D0-F31D-479D-92D8-D856B054765A
  • 06EA6015-1788-445C-99CB-E17A1F25D77B
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