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Reply to "Legacy Base and Remote Upgrade Question"

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Lionel LEGACY Base2 V1.60 & Cab2 V1.70 System Upgrade

Thank you for downloading the Lionel LEGACY Base2 V1.60 & Cab2 V1.70 upgrade. The upgrade includes the following files:

filename description
ReadMe_LEGACY_Cab2_v1_7.txt this file
BAS2-v160.bas2 the Base internal software upgrade code (LEGACY System Utility required to load)
CAB2-v17.cab2 the CAB internal software upgrade code (LEGACY System Utility required to load)

The Cab2 changes made from v1.61 were as follows:

• Added Legacy ENG Type AUX TENDER
• Added the Legacy version touchpad for the Crane and Boom car
• Bug fixes related to ENG Type TMCC Acela
• Fixed bug where red light frequently came on when transmitting to base
• Corrected bugs related to the Train Builder

If you are currently running LEGACY 1.1 or earlier, contact customer service before attempting to upgrade.
If you are currently running LEGACY 1.2, your engine roster and other settings will be erased during the upgrade and must be re-entered.
If you are currently running LEGACY 1.3 or later, the 1.70 upgrade will not erase your settings. However, we still recommend using the LSU software to back up your LEGACY database before upgrading. (see LSU manual, page 10).

Before you install any LEGACY upgrade in your CAB2 and BASE2, you'll need the following (in addition to the CAB and BASE internal software upgrade files listed above):

* A black LEGACY Writable Utility Module (6-37125), available from your Lionel dealer or
* The LEGACY System Utility software (73-7125-S1), which runs on the Windows operating system. This software can be downloaded at the following link:

To Install the Upgrade:

1) Install the LEGACY System Utility (LSU) software
2) Follow the instructions "Creating a LEGACY CAB Software Update Module" on page 12 of the "Legacy System Utility User's Guide.pdf." (The LSU pdf manual is part of the LSU download.)
3) Follow the instructions "Creating a LEGACY Base Software Update Module on page 13 of the LSU manual.

Q: Do I need to upgrade right away?
A: No. If you're happy with your current system there is no urgent need to upgrade.

Q: How can I tell what LEGACY version I'm currently running?
A: Turn your CAB2 remote on by pressing the red CTC power button. Once the display turns on, press the CTC button a second time. The current CAB and BASE software versions will be displayed on your remote. It is important that your CAB and Base are using the most recent version available for each. The latest versions of each are included in the ZIP file download.

Q: How can I get the LEGACY 1.70 upgrade?
A: Two ways: Using the free LEGACY System Utility software and a black LEGACY Writable Utility Module (6-37125), you can download the LEGACY 1.70 upgrade (which you've already done if you are reading this file) and install it yourself. If its inconvenient to connect a computer to your layout, you could ask a friend to program black modules for you. Alternately, you may contact customer assistance and see if a set of Blue modules containing the CAB and BASE V1.70 software is available for purchase.

Q: I don't have a Windows computer--I use a Mac. Can I run the LEGACY System Utility Software? A: Yes, but you must install Windows on your Mac. You'll need to buy the Windows operating system and a virtual machine host program, such as Parallels or VMWave Fusion. Both have been tested and work fine with our LSU software.

Q: Can I update to V1.70 from LEGACY version v1.3 or earlier?
A: Yes. You can perform the upgrade yourself if you are currently running v1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5. If you are running v1.1 or earlier, contact Lionel Customer Service for more information.

This Q&A immediately above certainly implies you can update from V1.3 directly to V1.7

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