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Legacy Users Group Status 2021 looking towards 2022 (Updated 1-5-2022)

With Dave announcing the DCS dinner I thought I’d post the following

Contrary to the EDTCA notice, there will not be a Legacy meeting this fall. The last 1.5 years made it difficult to plan a meeting as you can imagine. Future meetings are TBD.  With Legacy almost 15+ years old and the power of this forum and the internet to answer questions in real time the meeting seems to be more of formality.  

I am certainly open to doing more but there would have to be a greater interest than we seen than the last few we did. When we started this there were 3 of us doing the meeting. Now it’s just me with some help, which I am grateful for, of a few folks day of.    It takes a lot of planning and coordination, which I don’t mind, but with Lionel not always being there and getting someone from Lionel to stop by when they are is getting increasingly difficult because of their commitments.

So back to the original point, no meeting this fall.  Most likely if we do proceed with them they will be annually in the fall rather than both meets.  We were heading in this direction in 2020 already. If we feel we still have the desire from attendees we will make something happen but will most likely be during morning meet hours on Friday.

Open to comments and suggestions.

As always thanks for everyone’s interest over the years.  

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