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Reply to "Let us see your Scratch Built, Homemade or Kitbashed Layout Buildings or Accessories you have Built"


Attached are some additional photos of my blast furnace.  I would also suggest buying a copy of the book by Bernard Kempinski, The Model Railroaders Guide to Steel Mills,  though you might have to get it used.  Lots of good photos  that helped me understand how it all goes together.  Anyhow, good luck with it.


Rich888, well done on the mill building next to the water with the cribbing underneath. It  looks like the largest body of water I think I've seen on a model railroad platform.  I wish I had that space on my platform and the talent you had to create the water on that 0315151111031515111503151511181226141456031515111703151511110315151115031515111812261414560315151117scene.





Images (5)
  • 0315151111: Looking into the Cast House floor in front of the blast furnace.
  • 0315151115: Back of blast furnace showing stoves, and pipes running from blower house.  High line runs between the blower house and blast furnace.
  • 0315151118: Blast furnace from a higher view.  In backgound is blower house and behind that the rolling mill (green building).
  • 1226141456: Blast furnace from a different angle.Side view
  • 0315151117: Side view of blast furnace.  Left to right - Cast house floor building, blast furnace with stoves, pipes, and incline.  Blower house is front right.
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