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Reply to "Let us see your Scratch Built, Homemade or Kitbashed Layout Buildings or Accessories you have Built"

Thanks for the kind words. Here's a few pics. I had an image in my mind of the subway newsstands I remember from my childhood and worked from that.

The "walls" are tinted plastic sheets. To get the curve I glued the flat sheets to Plastruct I-beams, then cut curved slots in the "roof" and "floor", forced the sheet into the slot, glued the beams to the floor, and weighted the assembly until the glue dried. Black construction paper was inserted between the columns to make the walls opaque.

For added durability, I ran a single strand of electric wire around the top and another around the bottom, tied each one off and glued it to the wall.  When the roof is fitted onto the walls, it forces everything into place and keeps it rigid.

The roof is removable and is held in place with a strand of stiff brass wire, in case I ever have to replace the 3-LED strip inside that illuminates the interior. In the pic from the back, the white pipe on the left is the conduit for the wires to the LED strip glued to the underside of the roof.

Most of the candies, magazines and  newspapers were made from images found on the internet, reduced and printed, and wrapped around bits of styrene sheet.  The Coke cooler and bottles are commercial items. The racks along the back wall are from the Woodland Scenics newsstand set. I cut the pieces apart to fit the space, and added magazine and NYC guidebook images.



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