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Reply to "Let us see your Scratch Built, Homemade or Kitbashed Layout Buildings or Accessories you have Built"

Not quite a building but it is scratch built. My version of a Great Lakes ore boat,  8 feet long, 10 inches wide, 20 in. tall to the top of the mast. 99% scratch built except for the windows and doors and stairs.  Stairs from a Plasticville coaling station,  windows & doors from Lionel bobber cabooses.

I started with a plank of OSB for the keel and 1X's of poplar for the bow and stern.  Cabins are foamcore and cardstock. All over layed with 020 styrene from flu shot signs I got from when I worked as a pharmacist.



I put a Suethe  smoke unit in the funnel.


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