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From an old 1930's magazine...

Model Builder Mag


...with carillon soundtrack/speaker in the tower, and a CD player port for organ music, congregational singing with an additional speaker in the sanctuary.  Fully lighted.

I thought the magazine's cover portrayed the model in artistically licensed proportions!  Well, duh, I was wrong!  Now I can't find a suitable spot on the layout for this church cathedral!  TOO big!


This one is a modification/enhancement of an Ameri-towne building...




Front and rear platforms/details are fixed.  Side platforms/canopy are removeable to either side, or none, depending on layout location, tracks, roads, etc..


And this one is a modification of an old Lionel beacon tower...



to which has since been added a flashing red LED light at the roof's peak, and an Arttista figure of a guy (ranger?) standing at the railing looking through binoculars.

These were a lot of fun in the making.  I have more, too.



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