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Bob Delbridge posted:

My wife worked for the IRS when I met her.  Back in, I think, 1988 she had to go to Hagerstown on a business trip and I went with her.  While she was at a meeting I took a ride around the city and saw smoke rising from a roundhouse to the side of the road I was on.  I stopped at the office and asked if I could go back and they said sure:

614 Hagerstown 1988 a614 Hagerstown 1988 b

Ross Rowland sure had (and still HAS) some amazing steam... I believe that is reading 2101 steamed up after an overhaul, and I know that’s C&O J3 614. Ross still owns 614 and is eager to bring her to the active rails again, CSX permitting... 

Well, here’s my entry, Three of my favorites:


Modeling Enola PA in miniature


“It’s a good thing to let another generation know what a steam locomotive is.” — Southern Railway Vice President-Law W. Graham Claytor Jr.


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