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Reply to "Lets See Your Best Steam Engine Photos"

There was a tour to see the ongoing restoration of Santa Fe 2926 at the TCA convention in  Albuquerque , New Mexico.  The 2926 is a 4-8-4 Northern.  It was built by Baldwin in 1944 and was one of the last steam engines built for the Santa Fe.  It is also one of the largest Northerns ever built.  It is larger than the 3751 Santa Fe Northerns that are modeled all the time.  Lionel made a scale model of this engine a few years ago.   

The boiler needs to be pressure tested and the cylinders need to be installed.  The 2926 crew said that the engine should be ready to move on its own power later this year.  The boiler jacket and insulation will be installed after the pressure test.  They want to be able to see any leaks.  

The engine is being equipped to MU with diesels.  This is to enable the engineer to control a trailing diesel engine.  It and will have Positive Train Control so it can legally be operated on mainlines pulling passenger cars.  It will also have video screens in the cab and hidden cameras at the front to give the engineer a view of the track ahead.  

This restoration has taken 20 plus years and $3.5 million dollars plus countless volunteer hours.  Here are a few photos.  I plan to post many more on the Santa Fe post.  NH Joe




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