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All .125 5052 H32 Aluminum The hinges are 2 flats and 2 angles .. the whole shelf rests on 2 angles screwed to the table ..I used hardware from the "Big Bucket" in the Garage Mahal so cost for bridge has been zero I assembled it all with it in place starting with the angle rests then the table and hinges I spaced it and clamped the hinge stuff in and drilled and tapped 1/4-20 for plates to the bridge and then I screwed the hinge angles on if you look the piviot point is up and away towards the outter upper corner ..thats so it lifts as it swings and zero bind ..I didnt use pins and probably wont as its 24" square and has zero play in left or right direction Id need to literally have to damage on purpose to get it to not line up.. When I Drilled the Hinge I did for 1/4-2 and tapped all the way will work like that but I drilled out the bridge side of the hinge just so the bolt would go thru and used Nylock nuts on all ..I could have punched out everything and made it "Perfect" like it was manufactured but I just twisted up the Bridge and the hinge angles and the shelf angles ..everything else was flat



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