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@Joe K posted:

I used the lift up type bridge on the top level, and a swing type (like a door) on the bottom level. The hinge on the top is above the track level as stated earlier. I painted the hinge flat black like the bridge, and it kind of disappears. The hinge was from Home Depot.


I used Atlas track on the bridge, and Fastrack on the rest of the layout.

Since the bridge is light, I just open it by hand and gently rest it on the track on the approach side. Some people add a counter balance or cylinder mechanism to open & close the bridge automatically.

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14 Apr 10 008

I aligned the track with a simple wooden wedge that holds the ties on the bridge track in place, both vertically and horizontally. The layout track on both sides of the bridge is held in place with a screw through the tie and shimmed for the desired height.



I then power the track on the bridge with two wires soldered to the bridge track center and outside rail then connected to a terminal strip on the layout side of the bridge.


Nice!! Great pics

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