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Reply to "Lighted toggle switches for power districts in conventional"

I used automotive switches with the 18 vac train voltage  which are lighted and need no additional circuitry. The RMS voltage on the LEDs is around 12 vdc, just right being half wave thru the LED. Here's a diagram.

CaltermSwitchWiring [2019_01_25 19_35_47 UTC)

You can hook all the "Earth" connections together and use one diode which protects the LEDs from the reverse half cycle of the AC.

Here's the switch package...

CaltermSwitch [2019_01_25 19_35_47 UTC)


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  • CaltermSwitchWiring (2019_01_25 19_35_47 UTC)
  • CaltermSwitch (2019_01_25 19_35_47 UTC)
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