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auto switches and relays

I've never figured out the OGR restrictions on including direct links to non-OGR sponsors, but "12V LED car switch" is a good search for the switches.  Note the LED-color selection options.  On the right there's even a vendor with pre-wired switches though not clear if the potentially too-short supplied wire length just means more work!  BTW, upon closer examination I see the hole size for this particular style (there are other styles of course) is 20.7mm or a 13/16" drill bit which one might call larger than typical.

As Leo suggested search "Hiletgo 12V relay module" and you should get above with the attractive price of less than $2 per relay.

Heck, if you're going for, say, 8 channels it seems that 8 switches and 8 relays may not even break the $25 threshold to get Free shipping on Amazon. LOL. 

And to your question, no, the relays on these module are soldered in place.  They are NOT socketed.  If you had to replace one, the "loose" relays are widely available for maybe $1 a piece but considering the cost of the module(s) I can't imagine anyone firing up a soldering iron and such!  BTW, these modules have tiny LEDs for each relay that light up when a relay is thrown.  While the module might be hidden under your layout, these LEDs can be handy when troubleshooting initial installation to confirm the control signal is making it to the relay module.  And of course these are generic relays so you'll hear the tell-tale 'click' on and off.

These modules have been used by a lot of guys on OGR so assistance is readily available...


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