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Reply to "Link to Lionel S scale product survey"

ToKelly - I didn't have to go through a sign on process.  I just clicked and started the survey.

Rusty and Flyerrich - Sorry I was wrong.  It amazes me why all the people that view this and don't spend the 3 minutes to do the survey.  It would be such a big help to know what people want.

Bill et. al.,

I looked at the survey and thought:

   1) I don't need more trains

   2) my experiences with Lionel turned me off to their products

   3) my retirement income isn't conducive to buying high end items

   4) Many folks know that I'm adverse to electronics that I have no use for, even though I'm a hi-railer at heart with tendencies toward Flyer and scale.

   5) Any survey will be like a gnat to an elephant to Lionel   Looking through their catalog of O gauge items shows exactly what they think of S.  We're not a large enough market for them to invest precious capital in us, the new Legacy Berk notwithstanding.  And sorry to say, I firmly believe that the model train market in general is shrinking so much that we're some of the last to participate in it.  Just my opinion.  It was a good ride while it lasted.

   6) Right now, I'm in a hiatus as to trains with my layout and 95+% of my trains and tools in storage.  Sad to say, right now all my train things I can access could fit in a large drawer.  I'm now involved in finishing off long term bashing and scratch building projects.  

So as nice as the prospect of new items may be, even a survey doesn't do anything for me.

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