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Reply to "Link to Lionel S scale product survey"

I think you're reading too much into the survey, Bill.  You can probably count the "true scale" folks on this forum on less than one hand.  Myself, while I primarily do Scale, I also do Hirail and Flyer.

Pretty sure Johnathan's intent is to gauge and promote interest in non-traditional Flyer: like the Challenger, Y3, Legacy Berk, SD70's, ES44's and U33's.  There are folks in the Scale crowd that have had their Y3's converted to scale, bought scale wheels for their modern diesels and converted the trucks (one way or another) on the cylindrical hoppers.

For example: Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd bet folks would rather see a scale proportioned 4-4-0 vs a re-release of a Franklin 4-4-0.

Frankly, I think the best bet for the growth of Flyer resides in new products similar to those mentioned in the previous paragraph, that can be fairly easily converted to scale operation (OK, not so easy on the steam locomotives...)  Lionel has shown it can be done within their business model.


Precisely what I was going for Rusty. I wanted to see what kind of interest was out there to help convince Lionel to continue the new, never done scale proportioned models. Many people don't realize that the new Fox Valley models turnouts can be modified to run both scale wheels and hi-rail wheels. So for someone like me who is planning a new S layout, I don't even have to choose one or the other.  I can run anything made in S. Is it a bit of a compromise to true scale? Perhaps, but code 138 (really .131-.138) rail is prototypical for PRR mainline so there's that.

I will happily continue to support Lionel if the continue with products as mentioned above. I am blessed to be able to afford the trains I want and I've got plenty of room for more so I say bring it on Lionel. 

Question... If you aren't interested in buying trains why comment on a survey for new products? That confuses me. It is exactly the reason I mentioned "are willing to purchase" in the survey. Lionel is only interested in what they can sell I'm sure.

I'm not too surprised at the results so far. New Legacy Diesel and Legacy Med. Steam lead the way. Personally, I would take all the new diesels and steam engines they care to make. I'd kill for a GP30 or SD40-2 on the diesel side and a Hudson, N&W J, or PRR K4 steam engine. I am surprised at the lack of interest in freight or passenger sounds cars. They are huge in O and even in HO and N with DCC decoders. Just another time I'm reminded that for some reason I can't figure out S is an outlier.

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