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Reply to "Lion Chief Bluetooth voice commands - is there a list of commands?"

@Captaincog posted:

I accidently discovered the voice commands showing up in the Bluetooth Lion Chief control app in my iPhone and it worked on a little Lionel Flyer S gauge switcher I had bought. I went to try the Universal APP in Hotspot mode but the hotspot mode is not working at all and I await a response from @Dave Olson

So I finally found where I had a Bluetooth Lion Chief O gauge GP engine to see if voice commands worked and much to my surprise they do. So, my question is what are the specific words for all of the commands? Also the direction command works but the app tends to hang up on that command.

Thanks in advance!

Almost exactly my experience:  just received my FlyChief Berk, and discovered the voice commands.  Which also hang-up on the direction changes, and sometimes cause the system to drop the link to the loco (easy to re-establish) when it hangs -up.

I found that there is a help feature that will list some(?) of the commands on the app screen.  Using an iPhone.  I recall that if you say "help" to the app, you will get this short list, which may not be complete.

I am not using because this feature remains unreliable.  A first look at this emerging tech, kudos to Lionel for innovation!

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