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Reply to "Lionel 027 Scout: Why does the flat spring on rear coupler force rear truck upwards, instead of downwards onto the track?"

Balidas,  Yes, I could probably do that.  But, it would be tricky to bend the spring down just enough so that it always maintains contact with the cross bar.  Especially since the rear truck is so flightly

Here's what I am thinking of doing.   

Run a wire from the draw bar, in a place underneath the cab, to the cab.  This will carry current from the draw bar straight to the cab.  No need for a flat spring, attached to the flat bar, to rub up against the flat horizontal cross bar that is screwed to the bottom of the cab.

Close the flat spring, and keep it closed with a little bit of black electrical tape.  This will let the the truck swing by itself, free of the effect of the rubbing flat spring.

Add a weight to the top of the draw bar, to hold the rear truck down.

To try this, I have some questions:

I have several drills and titanium bits of every size.   I know I can drill a hole in the sheet metal draw bar.  But, can you drill a hole in cast iron???   I have never tried this.  Would I be able to thread a hole in the cast iron with a tap?  Cast iron is super brittle.

If I can't drill the holes, will solder bond to sheet metal, and will it bond to cast iron?  Instead of fastening each end of the wire with a screw, a spot of solder would hold them.

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