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Reply to "Lionel 12054 fastrack operating track problems"

@DL&W posted:

Same frustrating problem for me with 12054 operating/unloading tracks----have 3 of them and with all three the uncouple works perfectly but the unload is something else!!!!

Did you have occasion to try a DPDT replacement switch and beefier wire (as suggested earlier) in place of what I call the brass-leaf contraption in the stock controller?  In addition to the DPDT examples provided earlier, the up-down control button for power-windows (momentary center-off DPDT) is widely available and quite inexpensive:


If you are not familiar/comfortable with switch terminology, don't hesitate to ask here before ordering!  Terminology like DPDT, center-off, momentary, (ON)-OFF-(ON), and so on apply to what you want - in other words, alphabet soup!


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