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Reply to "Lionel 180W PH Relay"

Thanks for all the great information and help especially GRJ. I forgot to mention I got it open and have been poking around. The relay itself seams fine so my original idea went down the drain, the circuit definitely isn’t tripping. Q1 is not shorted. I’ll go around and check other spots, considering that there isn’t much to this I may get the LM324.

Steve yes a good visual inspection is always good, unfortunately no spectacular failures involving magic smoke.


$45 180W PH bricks? Please more information this one is from 2001and came from the bay for twice that.

PS John I have also made the triangle bit to get into CW-80’s. This one was different, I had a bit in my security bit set from harbor freight but couldn’t get it down far enough. I had to resort to making my own again 😉



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