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Reply to "Lionel 282 Gantry Crane Part"

Just by way of beating the already dead horse .

A 282 motor is square to the clutch shaft so it's mating brass worm wheel must have the teeth angle-cut and a 282-R motor is angled to the clutch shaft such that It's mating brass worm wheel has it's teeth cut parallel to the shaft. Additionally, the 282-R clutch shaft is longer to accommodate the outboard catch return spring. Thus there is no way a 282-R clutch shaft would fit a 282 and engage the motor worm.

Another pic showing the short shaft with nylon gears and an angle-cut brass worm-wheel:

        IMG_1546 [1)

Which merely reinforces what Lionel Parts just said. Pictured is a late-1955 282 mechanism. Also, whereas either clutch-shaft with worm wheel and clutch-worm gears will work in a 282 NO mechanism parts will interchange between a 282 and a 282-R, just as stated in the Lionel service manual.


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