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Reply to "Lionel 3435 Aquarium Car problems"


Thanks again for the great advice and direction!  I changed the cord from 1.5 wraps to a half wrap around the spindle.  Then I shortened the spring, and put more tension to it.  Now the spindle rotates with a fairly good amount of torque.

When assembled the function is pretty good except when the film strip comes to the point where it has been setting and has a memory bend.  I've read where some people flip the film strip inside out to alleviate this.  I wonder is this a good way? or is there a better solution?

Another thing I did.  Since these shells are painted acrylic, I think they are more fragile than some.  At the mounting hole, mine was missing a chunk and there is a hairline crack going up from it.  So I got a scrap piece of acrylic and used a fine tip on my solder iron and "welded" in some plastic to fill in what was missing and create a bond to keep the crack from opening up.  Check it out:  Not sure if I will file it to clean it up, or dremel or touch up paint or what ever to it, but I know it is more robust now for sure.


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