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Lionel 6-38066 Elk River Coal & Lumber Company Shay Steam Locomotive and Tender FOR SALE NOW $450 (Possible Trade)

For Sale Lionel 6-38066 Elk River Shay Engine #12 for $495.00 plus shipping. New price $450.00. Used condition, runs and operates great.  Smoke unit works and  the body has no damage or scratches that I can see. Comes with manual, shipping inserts and box. See the attached pictures.  Shipping will be $20.00 and I only ship in the US.

I will consider a trade of equal value for a Legacy Diesel of any road name.  The engine will need to operate on Lionel 031 tubular track.

If interested I have the 3 log cars in used excellent condition. I do not have the original boxes for the log cars.


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