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Reply to "Lionel #990 6-14295 Legacy Command NO RESERVE!! NEW In Box!! 990 Control System"

Only if you waited until 15 years after it was introduced to buy one.

Back on day one, or more precisely not long afterward, I got my 990 set for free.

That's right.  Free.

Buy a JLC Big Boy, get a free 990 Command Set, to celebrate the launch of Legacy, and encourage people to get both.

I still have them, and they still work just fine (knock on wood of course).

Taking advantage of that special offer made me appreciate Legacy command control, rather than conventional operation, after being focused almost solely on conventional for 45 years before that.


I still, occasionally, use my CAB1/CAB2 setup. Over the years I’ve bought components for this generation so that I have backup pieces should something fail. When the Legacy system came out, it was over kill for the size layout I run.


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