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Reply to "Lionel #990 6-14295 Legacy Command NO RESERVE!! NEW In Box!! 990 Control System"

@Keith L posted:

In the last couple of days, 990 command sets have sold for $960 (used) and $1,375 (new).

I'm wondering, why are some folks so bent on getting the old command base now that they're willing to pay these insane prices? After all, it's the remote that's being discontinued forever.

If you want a"remote" that will actually access full Legacy features, the Cab 2 is your only option.

On the other hand, a more capable command base (the Base3) will be coming out.

The base 3 does not come with a remote. You can buy a cab1L remote. It will not access the legacy features and it will cost you $600 for the two, just to get basic command features.

For the operator who prefers a handheld over a device touchscreen, the cab 3 is only as capable as the remote being used

Why not pick up just the Cab2 (the expansion set) now and then wait for the Base3?

Expansion set prices have also been skyrocketing almost as bad.

You'll be spending over $1000 just to get a 993 expansion set and the base 3

While the prices are indeed insane, for the person who spends over $2000 for one locomotive to pull one train. A handheld that can run several of those trains and access all of the bells and whistles for $1000, doesn't seem like a horrible idea.

As I've stated before. The Legacy Cab2 is the ONLY remote in any model train scale where the operator can use the "meat and potatoes" of train functions without ever looking at it because of the tactile feel of the buttons.

For those folks who prefer touch screen operation, the base 3 will be great. I'm already on my phone too much, and I prefer to look at my trains when I run them.

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