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Lionel Alco Wiring Help

Hello all!  I've been reading the forum since I retired and am now diving in for help.  I have an RS-3 (6-18835) that I'd like to add a Dallee HiLine sound board to.  It will be run conventionally.  Dallee requires wires to the motor armature as well as the main power.  The Lionel seems to run power from the E-unit to the Horn only board.  Can I use the wires running from the E-unit to the Horn for the armature connection and then the Red and Black coming up from the motors for the main?  Also: pictured is a mounting bracket that I'm trying to locate a replacement for.

Yes, while an old engine it was free so my costs are not an issue.  I'm creating a tribute locomotive to recognize my son starting his career and mine closing.  Christine Braden is doing the paint work.



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  • Alco Sound
  • Alco E-Unit
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  • Alco bracket
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