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Reply to "Lionel Bandstand Accessory"

@N&W 1218 posted:

Great minds think alike. This accessory surfaced in my memory the other day and I was thinking about finding one. Great conversion ideas. Mike keep us posted on the progress and post a video when you’re playing tunes. 👍🏻

N&W 1218:

Will do. I'll take pix of the modifications to the Bandstand as work in progress, then do a short video with sound.

Since my college days, I've been an appreciator of Stan Kenton's music and a collector his albums. When I worked as a weekend DJ at a radio station in Niles, MI, I pre-arranged a backstage interview with Kenton when his band appeared in nearby South Bend, IN. The next day, I broadcast the interview on air.

The Christmas album by Kenton is a rendering of holiday music like no other! My 15x19 feet L-shaped layout has two levels; the upper level has a Christmas theme with 35 DEPT 56 North Pole Village buildings, so Christmas music in Kenton's unique style will  "fit."

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394


Images (2)
  • Upper Level, South Wall
  • Upper Level, West Wall - V
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