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Reply to "Lionel Century Club NYCF3 6-18135 ...signal problem"

HI guys thanks . I already took the motors out to check for harden grease its the type that is greenish clear very soft still I added a few drops of my oil in the bearings  gears etc..

I  did the stall settings got it moving and hit set  button..

then while the lights flashed i re hit the set button and it sounded the horn

all that makes a fast re ponce with the cab 1  no time delay doing this...

but when I try to hit the directional button button it takes like 4 feet of time before it gets its signal  or evan if its not moving thier is a long time delay to have it change

and when I turn the button it acks like I need to reset the stall again.

also when I try to slow it down theirs again that 4 feet of travel time..

I have two cab-1 remotes they both do the dame one has battery votage on all 4 at 1.56 volts the other has voltage at 1.48

thanks again guys ...daniel

ps my other units TMCC all have fast response no issues  at all...

I do not have a 9 volt in the dummy A unit for sounds not sure if its needed or related to my problem



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