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Reply to "Lionel Century Club NYCF3 6-18135 ...signal problem"

Ok I just got back checking and after I set the momentum .. I then hit L ...

I notice such a difference in response .

Only noticeable problem is the direction button delay

It takes around 2 feet to get a signal to it.. . However im ok with it because I do not reverse alot .

I did notice Lionel carries a new board  6108192256 for $35.00 ! I might get it just to have it at that price .

I plan on running it for a while to break it in and see what happens thanks guys and MartyE

I forgot to mention when I first got it it would jump in conventional mood only and had no sounds .but that only happened once or twice so far it did not do that anymore when I reprogrammed it back to engine 1 (i was trying engine 33)


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