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Lionel CV Hudson collaboration with Alex M. Tales from Harmon Shops

I was honored when approached by the man himself to do a collaborative effort on a Lionel CV Hudson,….Alex tasked me to swap out the Pulmor for a Pittman, and then he was to take over and do all the electronics upgrades,…..I was truly humbled to get the chance, so as usual, I tried my darndest to put my best foot forward,….we swapped out the Pulmor, and corrected a few issues we found like excessive play in the gear box, lots of loose fasteners, loose drivers, and some other small details that needed attention so Alex would have a good platform to begin with,….keep in mind, All Alex got back from me was a naked as a jay bird chassis with not nare a wire… the real magic Alex will install,….and BTW, Alex is on the top shelf of his game, he answers his emails quickly,  and has the game plan laid out …..for repair work, that speaks volumes!….we’re lucky to have Alex, John, Pete, & George on our side!…those cats are all wizards!!….



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