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Reply to "Lionel CV Hudson collaboration with Alex M. Tales from Harmon Shops"

Hello everyone,

First i will say it was an absolute pleasure working with Pat, he kept me informed all the way through  with the work he was doing. His work is top notch. I agree with everyone, we are lucky to have guys like Pat, Gunrunner John , Pete,  George, and others  around. Never too old to learn something from these great guys !

The CV Hudson was fun to upgrade, Customer's request was... pull the Pullmor, install the powerful Pittman, Electric RR cruise commander, ERR Medium steam sounds, GRJ Super chuffer and chuff generator, custom fan driven smoke unit , and the 50mm Lionel fatboy speaker.

Once Pat did his magic with the motor exchange, i took over and finished her up, it now is a top notch engine with all the goodies !

I will post a video shortly of it in action

Thank you all for your kind words !

Thanks, Alex


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