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Reply to "Lionel CV Hudson collaboration with Alex M. Tales from Harmon Shops"

@RickO posted:

I think the real moral of the story here is. With all of the mechanical and electronic talent on this forum. There's no reason someone should have to settle for a shelf queen.

Sure, it isn't free, neither is a "brand new"/"updated" version of said locomotive either.

The advantage to the upgrades here is the pride and passion of the guys doing the upgrades, i.e. refining the driveline etc. Dialing things in.

This is something that doesn't happen on an overseas production line.

How fortunate we are as hobbyists , that this talent is a mere email away. I'll hazard a guess that these emails get responded to much faster than the cs of the manufacturers.

I'll take another guess that the repair turnaround time isn't much longer either.

Thanks again for all the kind comments Rick,…..I do indeed put a lot of pride in the things I engineer into being,…..actually, I kinda over engineer it. I treat each one to the unique task the owner would like to see it do……within reason of course,..😉…..I think Pete put it best??…..Difficult we do straight away, the impossible takes a little while longer,..


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