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Lionel D-264 Display layout "kit".

Ever dreamed of having a Lionel display layout but couldn't bear what they're going for these days?  Here's your chance to build one yourself.

For sale is what I'm calling a Lionel D-264 "kit". The kit is comprised of a 5x9 sheet of 1/2 inch plywood, framed with 1x4s nailed and glued.  As many know, 5x9 plywood sheets are almost impossible to find new.  It has been painted with a color similar to the tan used in the original.  Included are 1x4 frame pieces for the center of the layout that will need to have grooves routered in them to accommodate the wiring per detail pictures I have.  Also included is a roll of reproduction vintage cloth covered wire obtained through a vintage radio restoration vendor that looks almost exactly like the original used.  No control panel was ever built and is not included. 

Included is enough Super O track to build the complete track plan as shown in the pictures.  The track was purchased as restored from Mike Spanier.  There are approximately 100 sections of Super O track for the track plan that were purchased from Mike with about 50 extra pieces accumulated in various condition. Also included is the proper black 110 trestle set and 332 trestle along with several Super O switches in various condition.  I have most of the Super O bumpers needed, also included.  Nothing is mounted to the platform, it's all in boxes.

I'll also include dozens of pictures of original D-264 layouts that show construction details of almost everything so you can copy and finish this one yourself.  I have researched this for years but now find that I simply don't have the room for it with other projects taking up too much space. 

Price is $400 obo.   Must buy the entire package.  Layout, extra wood, track, bumpers, trestles, wire and digital pics.  Cannot ship.  Buyer is responsible for picking it up.  Located near Allentown, PA. 

I also have a most of the accessories to go with it, a couple are MPC repros.  I can discuss this with the buyer as a package if they're interested.  If they don't go with the layout they'll be sold in a separate sales.





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