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Reply to "Lionel Fast Track Switches"


   Both Carl and Guns advise is absolutely true, I run my FasTrack Command Control switches off Track power as many as 99 of them.  Low Voltage Switches,  AC covered to DC at the switch, and it works like a dream.  No need to worry about the Lionel wiring and you can run them in tandem if you like.  IMO these low voltage FTCC Switches are one of Lionel greatest modern engineering accomplishments, and they can be controlled from either the Legacy Cab2 or the TMCC Cab1.  A world class piece of engineering, wireless Lionel Command Control Switches in reality have no equals on the market today.  Now if the foreign builders would just quit playing games with Lionel's engineering and supply the correct parts and test every FTCC Switch before it's shipped, all the switches would work perfectly when purchased.  


The Construction  on the new Donovan's Reef Bar layout,  is progressing and all the FTCC Switches work perfectly, with more to come on the lower level which will feature our 18' Bar as a Big Train Tunnel.  


Lionel FasTrack Command Control Switches, simply Great Modern Engineering for Remote Control Trains.




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