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Reply to "Lionel Fast Track Switches"

DAVID PEARSALL 010218 posted:
Richie C. posted:
gunrunnerjohn posted:

What Carl said.   Fastrack switches only have a small DC motor to activate the switch, they draw less than 100ma maximum during the switch operation, even less at other times.  Since I run command pretty exclusively, I run the switches from track power to minimize the wiring issues.  I use the command Fastrack switches, that way I don't really have to wire extra control wires either, just plug them in and go.


Do you run DCS as well as Legacy on your layout ? Reason I ask is I always understood that when running DCS it is recommended to power the Fastrack switches with accessory/external power and not track power ?

I run DCS and I have not heard that before, using accessory/external power. What is the reason for that 

One would assume that it is to avoid the DCS signal interference created by the control electronics in the FasTrack switch. I am not sure that a separate power source would help. The center rail would still be connected to the rest of the track.

Using the 22uh choke on the track power terminals is the solution. MTH RealTrax switches use coil motors to avoid the signal interference.

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