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Reply to "Lionel Legacy E-7 AB programing issues."

Ok.  Fair enough, but your problem then is with complications and inconsistencies in the implementation of Legacy, admittedly very complex.

Using the built in Bluetooth implementation might actually make things less complicated because it's come from the less-complicated LionChief part of the product line.

Why not use Bluetooth instead of Legacy?  It may take the headaches away.


Mike makes a good point.  Go that way now for enjoyment and don’t stop trying to get CAB 2 to work for you.  

FWIW, I do’t see Lionel giving up a remote.  If they did there would be a vacuum of product, with a limited but passionate buyer demanding it.

The apps lack of discernible, tactile and real single hand operation will only get worse with age.

What is the product number?   I can go through my steps and compare to you original post.  I have some E units on the layout (Diesel  Week).  I wii go through set up and try to tell you what is amiss.  Worst case scenerio, I can give you my phone number and we can do it together.

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