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Lionel Legacy - Norfolk and Western J-class Steam Engine

Hello Fellow OGR Forum Members,

Happy 4th of July!!! I thought you might be able to advise ... having returned to the train hobby after 30 years I am upgrading my engine and car fleet with some more current models with modern era features.

Looking to acquire in hardly used (perhaps just tested) 'like new' condition 2019 Lionel Norfolk and Western Legacy J-class engines ... to pull 2005 Lionel Powhatan Arrow 18" 7-car set plus N&W Cavalier passenger and front-end 'excursion' cars for longer trains.

- 1st Priority Desired Engine = 2019 Lionel #603 N&W J-class model number: SKU# 1931350

- 2nd Priority Desired Engine = 2019 Lionel #611 (c1982) N&W J-class model number: SKU# 1931360

My reason and priority for engine selections: I have a like-new hardly used #611 J-Class from the 1981 MPC era, as well as an extremely clean in Very-Good to Excellent condition a #746 from the post-war era. I will eventually upgrade the MPC #611 to a 2019 Legacy #611 (c1982-sku 1931360) - that is, unless a Lionel Vision #611 one day ever comes out !

For now, I chose the #603 because:

- The #603 looks to have blackened wheels and side rods/gears which I really like, even if the real engine prototype's side rods/gears were ever really blackened or not.

- Also, the 2019 Legacy #603 engine has latest Legacy available features including whistle steam, crew talk, and Bluetooth control.

Please let me know if anyone is aware of a possible source. Thank you in advance for reading this and any help you may be able to offer.


- Ken

P.S. - FYI - If you know your source had their engine/tender stripe repainted vs. not repainted that will be helpful. Note - my search requirement does NOT REQUIRE a repainted engine/tender stripe.

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