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       I have a set of PRR Century Club Sharks where both A units are powered. One of the units starts up in forward and the other starts in reverse. I programmed them both with the same number and they run fine. Try setting up your ABA set all with number 1. If the A units start up in the correct directions (one forward one reverse) you will be in business until Lionel can reprogram your engines.


Thank you! I will try setting them up like that this afternoon.

This might be a wild one.  I have been able to power down/up my aba as a makeup around 10 times so far.  What I did when I assigned the number was to turn the switch from program to run without turning off the transformer power.  I could then shut the engine down and restart.  It also operated properly without shutting the engine down after assigning the number.  Give that a try.  Who knows, for whatever reason it may hold the ID indefinitely.  We will have time to try before they are ready to open the service department.

Big L, please make sure the VL Challengers are right before you ship them.  Bad enough to pack an A unit.  Don't want to think about shipping a $2K engine through common carriers.  Never a pleasant experience.  Also, the backlog will be overwhelming.

Give the switch without transformer power down.  It may work.


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