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I emailed Katie on June 27 about the problem, so I know they are fully aware of the issue.  Given that Lionel is usually quite fast about warranty repair, it says to me this recall will be very big.  Still, returning my set to my retailer is out of the questions since I think Lionel will come up with a fix and the Railsounds is the best I have ever heard.  One wonders how something like this could slip through quality control, assuming there is a quality control


I agree with you.  I will look for a set  of Santa Fe s at York. I'm just going to hand them over to Dave to fix when I see him there. 

Having been one of the original posters on this topic with my NYC locos, I could not help myself.  I just ordered the UP version also.  I told my dealer that the packing should be good because it is most likely going to Concord after I receive them.  They are beautiful engines and will be a nice diesel puller when not using my new Challenger, which is being delayed as we speak.

Am I nuts?  Yes.  I have 2 complete Acela sets running flawlessly on my layout.  Who can top that in returning for punishment.

Good for you Bryant!! I'm on my 3rd NYC set after returning the first 2 which were no good. Even after 2 disasters I still got another because the good outweighs the bad. Taking your advice (thank you) I ordered my new set from Steve at MrMuffins and the third time was the charm. This set has none of the serious issues the first 2 had and I am enjoying the heck out of running them! Thanks again Bryant and Steve!

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