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Reply to "Lionel locomotive shorts at terminal track"

@Pilot2fly posted:

Hi everyone,

I just replaced the front drive axle due to the old one being bent on my Lionel Southern Crescent 38607 locomotive. It runs like a champ now.

Problem is, as soon as it goes around my loop and makes it to the terminal track, it completely stops every time and won't move again unless I pick it up and place it somewhere else. It also trips the Z1000 circuit breaker when it does this.

Layout wiring is correct, and this doesn't happen on my other locos.

I attached a photo of where it stops each time.

Hi Pilot2fly, that's a puzzler, very unusual behavior.

1) Has anything changed with any track or accessory wiring since you started working on the 38607?

2) Do any other Locos stop at the terminal track and/or trip the Z1000 breaker?

If the answer to both questions is no, posting some close-up pictures of the terminal track section without the loco there and another pic of the underside of the 38607 may be helpful.

3) Do you have access to a multi-meter?

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