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Reply to "Lionel locomotive shorts at terminal track"

Yes it's quite heavy, but when I press on the terminal track it doesn't short. I adjusted the screw for the front two wheels and that fixed it.

However, now it won't go past a turnout without stopping. This leads me to believe one of the rollers isn't working. I noticed that I had two different sized screws holding the rollers in. They both screw in, but ones longer than the other.

I took the rollers off to inspect and screwed them back in. Now the train gets no power at all and flips the transformer when I try to give it power.

Only happens on this locomotive. All my other locos work fine and navigate the turnouts quite well.

I think I'm going to take it to my local model train shop after work Friday and see if they can look at it. I'm fairly new to all this, and changing the front drive axle had me cursing like a sailor.



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