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Reply to "Lionel Rico Station 6-2709"

@Joe Fauty posted:


In addition to the advice given above some building tips.

To reinforce corner joints consider styrene plastic square rods (3/16 or 1/4 inch your choice) if you use plastic cement or wood if you go with CA. If you have the means you can cut triangles instead of the rods.

If you don't want to use the base you can glue the square rods to the inside bottom and buy conservation board from a Hobby Lobby or equiv in just about any color you want. It is inexpensive and easy to cut.

If the station does not come with lights it would be best to glue in some support beams to hang lights from. There are a lot of lighting schemes you can go with from incandescent to LED. If you have lights on your layout already, best to stick with that scheme.

If possible don't glue on the roof so you can gain access to the interior.

Not knowing how the kit comes in addition to other posts wrt tools especially if you plan on building more kits as a minium I would recommend:
- exacto knives #2 or #11
- a razor saw
- a good pair of sprue cutters
- a file to clean up edges after cutting from the sprue.


Thank you

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